October 11, 2006

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October 11, 2006

Deniz AkayMy name is Deniz Akay and I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I write on iMessengr.com to help you easily find the latest news and tools about Instant Messaging.

I started blogging in 2006. I created iMessengr.com after I realized that there is no comprehensive blog about IM.

I was working for an investment company. On February 2008 I quit my daytime job. Currently I am a full-time blogger. By the end of 2008 I created a simple website using Blogger: TopWebBased.com is a list of some of the best web-based tools on the net. I've also two blogs about Finance and Cancer in turkish.

You can contact me directly by sending me an email.

You can also leave comments on my blog posts to let me know your suggestions and opinions.

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