October 31, 2006

Communication Tube is a free web-client for the popular IM (instant messaging) networks which currently supports ICQ, MSN Messenger, IRC and Google Talk.

The biggest advantage of CommunicationTube© that it's completely web based, no software download required. It makes CommunicationTube© very convenient for people using public internet access such as internet cafe. With CommunicationTube© you can be connected to multiply IM system simultaneously from one single web-based interface. Sending and receiving messages are done without page refresh which actually minimizes internet traffic and makes manual page refresh unnecessary. CommunicationTube© based on http protocol and unlike other web-based IM's uses only port 80 which is very useful for customers with limited web access due to firewall limitations. No ActiveX, Java applets or popup windows are being used either. CommunicationTube© does not store your user names or passwords on our server. We will not share, sell, or give away your data. Login and passwords ciphered using 1024-bit keys RSA encryption. CommunicationTube© is compatible with CGI(HTTP) Proxy with cookies+JavaScript enabled and access the real URL by building it into subdirectory such as "http://proxyhost/www.communicationtube.net/", for example: www.proxy.bz, www.proxyrocker.com, www.proxyhole.com.

Communication Screenshots:


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