October 15, 2006

Extended Talk is an add-on for Google Talk that adds a wide range of new features:

Easy to use Button

A new button added to chat windows gives fast and easy access to Extended Talk's features
Active Status
Create dynamic statuses! Eg. Add the current time, latest RSS news or even what you are browsing into your status
Custom Images
'Send' images to your friends, providing they also have Extended Talk, which appear in Google Talk (similar to smiley central)
File Transfer
Extended Talk is the first add-on for Google Talk to add file transfer between two users possible. Using Extended Talk, users can send any file to another with little effort involved.
Slash Commands
Creates a number of 'slash' commands, such as /signout, /away and /1337
Replace Google Talk's blue text smileys with new yellow images! You can even use your own set of smileys!
Desktop Friends
Makes the task of opening conversation windows a piece of cake by using floating contact windows.
Boss Protection
Make all your Google Talk windows vanish with the press of shortcut key
Lock Google Talk, stopping anyone from writing messages while you are away
Font Color Changer
Change the color of incomming and outgoing text to whatever you desire.
Chat Background Color Changers
Change the white background area and the typing area in chat windows to whatever you want
A wide variety of text shortcuts, such as date, time, your IP address, your Google Talk version and even your operating system.
Text Filtering
Do you want to be the king of internet, 1337 king? Then, this is the perfect feature for you. It makes you automatically speak 1337-ish or ©ØØ£.
Want to make Google Talk disappear? Now you have the ability to make Google Talk see through
Text Recall
"What did you say again?" Hate it when your friends say that? Text recall is here to save! Using text recall, all it takes is a simple combination of buttons to recall the last 5 things you typed
Underline Support
Adds the ability to use underline, a feature left out of Google Talk
HTML's 'Code' Support
Changes a section of font to appear like html tags
Bold and Italic Shortcuts
Adds Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I shortcuts, instantly making text bold and/or italic
Run at Startup
Extended Talk will run every time you start your computer

Download Extended Talk from Softpedia

Extended Talk Screenshot:


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