April 12, 2007

MessengerDiscovery Live is a Windows Live and MSN Messenger add-on, design to easily add new features and enhance use, for free.

Advanced Contact Manager
- See contacts who have deleted you
- See Yahoo! contacts
- View contact MSN/Windows Live Messenger version
- Messages received count
- Messages sent count
- Message ratio statistic
- See the last message received and when
- See the last time contacts came online (since MessengerDiscovery was installed)
- See when contacts came online (since MessengerDiscovery was installed)
- Display picture stealing

Advanced Contact Functions
- Remove contact 'now playing' and personal messages
- Alert when a contact returns from away/busy/idle
- Alert when a contact comes online
- Alert when a contact goes offline
- Alert when a contact deletes you
- Alert when a contact adds you
- Alert when a contact opens a conversation
- Alert when a contact closes a conversation

Instant Message Tools
- Imitate your contacts (using command !imitate)
- Auto reply to certain messages (accepts wild cards too)
- Message holding while away/busy/etc.
- Conversation nick name
- Remove your 'is typing' message
- Flash scroll lock upon receiving message
- Always be shown as 'typing a message'
- Remove your 'is recording' message
- Stop window flashing
- Show IM window upon receiving a message
- Auto response to any message

- Block web links from un-trusted contacts
- Block application invites
- Block winks, nudges, custom emoticons and voice clips
- Profanity filter
- Message flood protection

Instant Message Formatting
- Message capitalization
- Remove contact font, font color and font style
- Right align your messages
- Right align contact messages
- Message trimming
- Highlight contact messages (requires Messenger Plus!)

General Tools
- Display picture stealing
- Webcam snapshot
- Terminate Messenger rather than sending it to system tray
- Be shown as online after signing in offline after set time
- Be shown as 'using a mobile device'
- Be shown as 'using web messenger'
- Be shown as owning a webcam
- Status hot keys
- Avoid being shown as idle
- Received file organizer
- Nick name history

- Read aloud when a contact signs in
- Read aloud received messages
- Read aloud when contacts are typing

Advanced Tools
- Custom CVR
- Messenger protocol debugging
- Messenger server error logging

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