October 13, 2006

"MessengerLog" is the new version of the MessengerLog series, it is specially designed for the coming MSN Messenger .

No doubt MSN Messenger is getting more and more popular with its friendly interface and some newly added functions in which the function of history attracts most attentions. But unfortunately, such a function is too simple to provide us the expected services. MessengerLog is a tool that records MSN Messenger and windows messenger.

Nevertheless, our favorite "MessengerLog" compensate this shortage. With its powerful functions and particular design, "MessengerLog" will prove itself the perfect choice for you to satisfy your kinds of particular needs, no matter whether you wanna encrypt the messages history; or you want to keep the format of your massages history in the same way as in the chat window of MSNMessenger/WindowsMessenger together with the detailed date and time, search in the message log with some search conditions and edit or delete the history from "MessengerLog" directly, need the messages you send or receive to be read; or even you like to log on MSN messenger invisibly to your contacts, or you expect to hide the "MessengerLog" completely to make "MessengerLog 3" work like a spy.

MessengerLog Screenshots:


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