November 21, 2006

AIM Log Manager allows you review a database of your AIM conversations. You can keep your entire IM history at your fingertips, strongly organized and searchable. AIM Log Manager enables you keep an IM database of employees of your business and use it to keep productivity up and comply with legal record-keeping requirements.

These are some basic features:

* Record all your IM conversations, chatrooms, buddy events, away messages and files/images automatically.
* Logged IMs go into a single conversation database file for easy backup and sending.
* The log file is automatically compressed, reducing its size by 70%!
* Import existing logs from other logging programs easily; supports DeadAIM, MyIM, AIM+, auto-colorizing plain text conversations, and more.
* Send automatic e-mail transcripts of conversations.
* Be discreet with Stealth Mode, or password-protect your log file.
* Browse, sort, categorize, edit, cut, copy and paste convos with ease!
* Record or import Buddy Events (sign on/off, away/back) and browse them effortlessly by screenname, by day, etc.
* Automatically record all files and images sent through directly connected IMs, (and automatically convert bitmap images to JPEGs before sending through IM!).
* Organize and manipulate your conversations easily by cutting and pasting them between screennames and files, editing their timestamps and contents.
* Navigate through your history quickly and extremely conveniently; for example, you can locate all conversations from a certain day, conveniently browse from one day to the next, quickly locate in the interactive calendar, and more.
* Utilize an extraordinarily powerful search engine to search through your history, with the ability to use multiple terms and search conditions.

The AIM Log Manager features unique analysis tools to analyze your conversations to discover trends and interesting facts:

* Color-code your browsing list based on who initiated the conversations, on time of day, or on a number of other factors.
* Use the advanced graphing tools to graph your conversations in a number of different ways to discover trends and comparisons between buddies.
* Use the interactive calendar timeline to view the chronology of your conversations graphically.
* You can discover initiation ratios, most talkative days, and records of various kinds with the analysis tools.

Edit your log file using the AIM Log Manager's powerful editing tools:

* All your logs are stored in a single, efficient, automatically compressed file. No necessary messing around with unorganized and hard-to-browse HTML log files (although recording these additionally is supported). You can password-protect the file if you need!
* Intelligently merge conversations, especially ones that are close together, automatically if you choose.
* Remove notifications, edit your logged conversations' contents manually, filter duplicates, and much more!

AIM Log Manager Screenshots:

main1_big logger_big main2_big

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