November 18, 2006

Add your emoticon files into MSN or Windows Live Messenger by the fastest way!

Emoticon Loader suited to load your custom emoticons and smileys into MSN Messenger. It would be very useful if you have hundreds of emoticon files and you would like to add all of them (e.g. after Windows reinstallation).


#Pause between clicks
This setting determines waiting time while MSN changes between its windows. It's an important thing because MSN is busy during this time. In case of Windows Live Messenger / MSN 8 (and and computers with less than 2000MHz processor) recommended setting is the highest value, because the Live Messenger has more processor requirement.

# Preview
You can see a preview of the current selected emoticon file.

# Modes: Loading/Saving
You can choose between two modes at the top of Emoticon Loader's window.

Emoticon Loader Screenshots:


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