November 28, 2006

IMChaos allows you enhance your AIM Profile with different features:

#Compatibility Test
Test your friends' compatibility with you!
#Profile Blog
Host a blog directly in your AIM profile!
# Friend Test
How well do your buddies know you? Put it to the test and secretly track how everyone does!
# Profile Pic
Ever seen a picture in someone's profile? Check out this sweet service to add a pic to your profile and then see who is checking it out!
# Simple List
Catch your AIM stalkers with a link!
# Super Link Spy
Securely spy on who clicks on links in your profile! A password protected version of Link Spy.
# Away Man
Tired of having the same boring Away Message?
# Link Spy
Do you put web links in your profile? Now track which buddies click on them!
# Spy Survey
Put a survey in your profile! Who are you gonna vote for?
# Smiley Faces
Get the new smiley codes here!

IMChaos Screenshots:


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