November 05, 2006

IMSafer monitors the instant messenger conversations of your children to help you balance protecting your children and respecting their privacy. The IMSafer service will only notify you when your child is engaged in a potentially dangerous conversation on IM.

Once you have installed the IMSafer software on any computer you wish to monitor, if your child receives an IM with content that is flagged by IMSafer, you will receive an email notification within 90 seconds that includes the screen name of the person speaking with your child, the community rating of that person, and the category of the flagged content.

You can follow the link in the email or log on to the web site to see more detail about the conversation, the flagged content, and why it was it was considered dangerous. The IMSafer service understands not just English, but common misspellings, slang and even leet speak, where numbers and punctuation are interchanged with letters.

The parent can view the questionable portion of the IM conversation and explanations as to why the conversation was flagged as potentially dangerous. Furthermore, IMSafer will help parents by explaining slang and IM acronyms that may be related to the questionable portion of the conversation.

IMSafer works hard to honor the privacy of the child by not allowing parents to read full chat transcripts. Spying on children is known to drive their activities underground. Working together is the best way to ensure that your child is protected.

IMSafer gives you the ability to leave feedback on any person who is flagged as having a potentially inappropriate conversation with your child. This feedback allows IMSafer to alert you about someone other parents think has inappropriate relationships with their children the second they begin talking to your child online.

IMSafer Screenshots:

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