November 19, 2006

Licq is a multi-threaded ICQ (originally; now it supports AOL and MSN as well) clone written mostly in C++. Licq uses an extensive plugin system to manage many different functions. The main GUI is written using the Qt widget set. Licq is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Development is very ongoing, with new features and bugs fixed frequently, so updates are available often. The current version should be very stable, but as with all software use it at your own risk.

LICQ Features:
* Contact List - fully functionning online/offline user list with pixmaps and everything.
* Messages - send and receive messages both online and offline through the server. Send in color too.
* Chat - chat with other users in regular and multiparty mode, set/see colors/fonts and save chat session.
* File transfer - batch transfer files to and from other icq users.
* URL - send and receive URL's from other users.
* Status - set status to any of the available ones, set and retrieve away message.
* User info - retrieve and update all user and personal information.
* Whitepages - full support for General/More/Work/About info as well as searches based on this info.
* History - keeps a log of all messages to and from a user.
* Add/remove and edit user information from within the program.
* Invisible list - be invisible to some users all the time.
* Visible list - be visible to some users when you are in invisible mode.
* Online user notification - have a sound played when a specific user goes online
* Last seen online - shows the last time you've seen this user online
* Local time - displays the local time for the user
* Away-to-User - be a different status to particular users
* Accept-in-Away - automatically accept events from certain users in certain statuses
* Send contact lists - send a list of users to other users
* Search - full support for searching by email/uin/alias/whitepages
* Random chat - find random users (and be found)
* Server stored contacts - keep your groups and users stored on the server
* Typing notification - see when the remot use is typing a message to you
* Phone book - keep track of users phone numbers, and yours
* User pictures - see the picture of the user, if they have one available
* Proxy support - HTTPS proxy support to connect through a proxy server

Licq Screenshots:

licq_main licq_msg_win licq_options_gen

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