November 16, 2006

Linkview tracks the link clicks in your AOL Instant Messenger profile and any other links you want to post on a website or other messenger program. (For example: Myspace, Facebook, MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger.)

What can you do with this website?

* Visual Charts with enhancing tool tips so you can easily read your link data.
* Track the users IP who clicks on your links using Google maps (Satelitte Images) to a physical location!
* Add click-tracking links to your profile.
* Edit and Delete click-tracking links for your profile.
* Paste click-tracking links into your profile or webpage via the 'Create HTML' button.
* See who has been clicking on links in your profile.
* See how often your profile links have been clicked.
* See the links you've been clicking on from other members of this website.
* Restrict Access!(AIM only) Create links that send your buddies to your specified website and non-buddies to a different website.
* Compatible with Myspace and Facebook. Collects all the same information about the users except their screen name.

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