November 19, 2006

Mercury is a Java-based MSN client (and upcoming Jabber client).
With Mercury you can do the most of the same things as with your normal MSN messenger.

Basic IM functions
* Talk to friends
* Change your nickname and status
* Add a display picture (also know as avatar)
* Send files through the msn server (for people with a firewall etc..) and direct
* Away messages, auto away using idle check on Windows, auto away using screensaver check on Mac OS X

MSN specific functions
* Play games, current games: Tic Tac Toe (MSN default game), Connect4 ( game)
* Watch the webcam of your friends (Mercury auto-saves these sessions on the disk and can convert them to Quicktime movies, click here for more info)
* Allow other people to watch your webcam (= video only)
* Audio and Video conference is implemented (both sending and receiving) but still a beta feature.

Check out Mercury Messenger Homepage for a full list of other functions.

Mercury Messenger Screenshots:

1.9 Beta X_SteamView

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