November 02, 2006

Qnext Universal Messenger lets you communicate not only with Qnext users, but also with MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger & AIM users. This means that you only need to run one IM to stay connected to all your online friends and colleagues.

Note: Qnext supports only the Instant Messaging feature when using Qnext Universal Messenger to communicate with MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger & AIM users.

Qnext Universal Messenger is Free and Offers such Features as:

* Seamless versioning updates for other IM clients
* The ability to send/receive messages - even when people are offline
* The option to "CC" other Qnext users on your instant messages
* The choice to allow visitors, or simply communicate with known and trusted friends
* A history log to keep track of your conversations
* Unicode support for multiple languages
* An automated spell checker

Qnext Universal Messenger Screenshots:


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