November 04, 2006

QQ Instant Messenger

November 04, 2006

QQ is super-fast, real-time instant messaging. It also lets you share instant peer-to-peer file transfers (like MP3's) and chat in live integrated and moderated chatrooms.
You can have a text chat with QQ Chat or you can actually talk to each other live online with QQ Voice Chat. All you have to do is be online and download QQ.

QQ Features:

# QQ is all about communityQQ is a great way to real-time chat to online friends old and new.

# QQ lets you send SMSs
Register with Mobile QQ to send SMSs to your friends from QQ or even send messages to online QQ users from your mobile phone.

# QQ is private
Powerful privacy features give you complete control over your QQ experience. It's spam-free, hassle-free and pester-proof.

# QQ is confidential
All QQ messages are encrypted, so you're guaranteed total privacy.

# QQ stores your messages
QQ's unique Message History keeps an archive of all your messages - sent and received.

# QQ is you
Super-cool icons, font colours and "smileys" let you add a whole bunch of attitude to messages and chats.

# QQ is flexible
QQ sends messages to your friends whether or not they're online. They'll simply get your message next time they login to QQ (just like email).

# QQ is convenient
You'll get alerts whenever your Friends go online. You can also retrieve your QQ Buddy list from any computer that has QQ installed.

# QQ is battle-tested
We've had over 100 million QQ registrations in the last four years.

# QQ is fun
Have loads of fun with cool screensavers, wallpapers and more.

# QQ is local
A complete QQ infrastructure has been set up in South Africa, designed to serve the African continent with a world-class Instant Messaging platform.

# QQ is free
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QQ Screenshots:

started_05a started_05b started_06a
started_06a started_07a started_07b

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