November 29, 2006

Microsoft challenged developers worldwide to create conversational robots, or BOTs, for MSN® Messenger and Windows Live™. The entry period has ended, and Microsoft is now evaluating the entries and choosing winners. The most original, useful robots will collect over $40,000 in total prizes. And the robot with the most popular votes in the Robot Gallery wins the $500 User’s Choice Award.

Try entries and vote! All you have to do is adding the email address provided by the bot to your contact list.

3 most voted bots:

Spleak is a virtual girl that is everything you could ever want from a chat buddy, and she's online 24/7 for small talk and goofy grins. This zany 21-year-old chat-o-holic offers you loads of cool games, jokes, riddles, competitions and other stuff to ...

Dr Phile Knowledge
Dr Phile can give you information about: - Systemfiles (.exe & .dll) if they are legit or malware. - Virusinformation of viruses that are wild. Dr Phile can also chat with you if you are bored, it is an AI-bot so it learns as you chat.

World of Alice
The World of Alice, a virtual buddy who answers all your questions about the weather, traffic jams, meaning of words, train tables, wikipedia and also is able to play some textual games with you. During the fifa world cup it gives the information of all ...


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