November 24, 2006

Trillian Astra Preview

November 24, 2006

Cerulean Studios has released a preview of their latest creation: Trillian Astra. It has many performance improvements and a lot of new features that you must check out :


* Loads skins up to 100% faster than Trillian 3.1
* Uses 5 MB less memory
* Faster redraw times (important if you have lots of contacts)


* A dedicated Google Talk plug-in, separating it from the Jabber plug-in for improved Google Talk support
* MySpace IM connectivity -- by popular request
* Enhanced file transfers, including easier multiple file transfers
* More complete status message compatibility

New Astra Features

* 'Portable' contact list. Your contacts are downloaded from the server, meaning you can run Trillian Astra from any computer and your contact list will always be complete and up-to-date
* One account, multiple networks. Hand-out a unified Trillian Astra account and people can contact you on any of the networks you use


* Like MeeboMe, Trillian Astra provides a web client for 'no-download' access to IM.
* Like Meetro, Trillian Astra allows you to share your geo-location information -- fun for mobile users looking to find friends nearby.
* Online status indicator. Share your status with anyone on your blog, at MySpace or in a forum signature, regardless of which IM network(s) you use.
* Widgets - share your Flickr photostream, or your current playing song, or get the weather for your contacts.

Message Windows

* Improved image sharing
* "Buzz" compatibility (for those of you who live that feature on WLM and Yahoo! Messenger).
* Handwriting support for Tablet PCs
* Local time zone info for your contacts

Contact List

* New ways of viewing your contacts
* Dynamic list height -- your contact list can be configured to automatically expand to show all visible contacts

Trillian Astra is still not available for download. Visit preview page for more info and screenshots.

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