November 15, 2006

vEmotion allows you to use what appears to be emotions that generate sound into our voice conversations or we can even set background music.
It appears both parties don't need to be using vEmotion, only the sender needs to install it which is a grand idea as nothing is worse than having some funky new application you want to test drive and then struggling to find another user or worse still, having to persuade someone that they too should clutter up their computer with something you know little or nothing about that may or may not be a 5 minute wonder.
Another vEmotion perk, it appears it can be used with many of the big voice enabled IMs (Instant Messengers) like MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Skype and QQ which seems a seriously cool idea as it removes the need to download yet another IM.

#A client tool useful for uploading call records to a server computer running Call Record Center.
#Support all voice enabled IMs and VOIP clients by user customization.
#Star call records for from 0 to 5 stars.
#Text to speech ability. Have a call without openning your mouth.
#Shortcut buttons for voice emotions.
#Display call/recording status on the toolbar.
#Skype 2.6 (Skype 3.0 beta) and AIM Pro are supported.
#Two methods to share records with friends: send records via email or play records directly within vEmotion for callers.
#Ability to run as a background service (stealth mode) without showing any user interface.

vEmotion Screenshots:



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