November 27, 2006

YTK Pro is the Ultimate Yahoo! Messenger with Voice companion. This easy-to-use chat utility provides additional features to Yahoo! Messenger including enhanced privacy, unlimited safe list/white list, unlimited ignore bin, font and style filtering, the highest of anti-boot protection available for the Yahoo! Chat network and full spam and nuisance blocking.

* Ease of use
Select the filtering options you want along with their custom levels and YTK Pro will take care of all the rest!
* 'True' Yahoo! Messenger Integration!
YTK Pro integrates with Yahoo! Messenger and truly extends it's functionality, meanwhile, adding in it's own.
* Unsurpassed Chat Protection!
YTK Pro helps to prevent abusive users in and outside of chat rooms from successfully deploying "boots", "lags" and other malicious attempts against you to knock you off the network or interrupt your chat session.
* Chat Room Message Filtering
Duplicate messages, "screen clears", lag attempts, bounce/jitter bot disruption and flooding chat rooms with messages can be optionally blocked so you don't see them.
* Enhanced Privacy Settings
YTK Pro includes privacy features that go far beyond those included with Yahoo! Messenger. Extended privacy options allow you to decide if you want to receive private messages and invites from people on your buddy list, safe list, people in chatrooms, and from people that you do not know (unknowns).
* Font & Text Effects Filtering
Message text effects such as fading, alternating text colors and large fonts can disrupt chatrooms and make many messages hard to read. YTK Pro can optionally filter the sender's chat text to remove these attributes.
* 'Bot' Blocking
YTK Pro monitors the content of private messages and chat room messages and will block SPAM-related material and random annoyances as they occur.

YTK Pro Screeshots:

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