December 29, 2006

Gaysenger is a chat client for chat based on Java.

Gaysenger is independent from your Internet browser and the applet supplied by and it runs as a separate application.

The unique feature of Gaysenger is its photo gallery based chat functions helps you chat, finding friends and hookups much easier than any existing messenger. It also provides get-around features for non-paid users to access premium features of

Here are some key features of Gaysenger:

For All Users:

# Able to log into multiple accounts [Messenger style]
# Enhanced bio manager [support multiple bio's]
# Easily change your icon image in chat rooms
# Enhanced chat room manager with photo gallary
# Monitor rooms with all channels
# Powerful search & people finder for chat rooms
# 1-click photo saver
# Filter people whom you are not interested in
# Anti-spam protection
# Log your chat

Extras for Regular (non-premium) Users:

# View & talk with users without enter rooms
# For the conviences of the non premium users, you can contact members from your hot/buddy list
# Automatically re-login to a selected channel on failed attempts
# Access to proxy port to view all public member photos [active proxy required]

Gaysenger Screenshot:

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