December 26, 2006

iGo Incognito is an Instant Messaging (IM) system similar to ICQ, AOL and others in that you can see whether people are online, send messages, have private chats and join discussion forums.

However, this is where the similarity ends - because iGo Incognito provides several important unique facilities - the foremost amongst them being Security/Safety/Privacy.

iGo Incognito is the only IM facility built from the ground up on cryptographically strong security. No other IM product can provide end-to-end security - i.e. messages are encrypted at your machine and decrypted at your friends machine and cannot be decrypted in the middle.

Most IM products either don't encrypt traffic, or if they do they encrypt it is only for transmission to the server where it is decrypted. That still means that your messages can be read at the server. Furthermore, with some products they can be read on your machine because they are stored in clear text.

iGo Incognito encrypts messages using public key technology. Messages cannot be decrypted during transmission, they cannot be decrypted at the server, they can only be decrypted by the recipient. No one can intercept or view them - just the recipient.

This remarkable claim also applies to private chats - only people actually invited to a private chat can join, and only after joining can they see any of the messages.

iGo Incognito Screenshot:


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