December 13, 2006

InsideMessenger is free to use, and no download is required. All you need is Windows Live Messenger, and you are set.

Simply add "" to your MSN contact list, and have a chat!


Fast access to a wide variety of content, including:

BBC News, anything on Amazon, flights from eBookers (UK) and Orbitz (US), US News, sports news and soon, your own favourite RSS feeds.

With InsideMessenger Interactive, you also get:

YouTube video searches, most viewed today on YouTube, and the ViralVideoChart, which lists the most talked about videos on the Internet, including those from MySpace, YouTube and Google Videos.

There is also a game, editing of your information and a refer-a-friend scheme with InsideMessenger Interactive.

Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger 7.0 and higher required for InsideMessenger Interactive.

To start InsideMessenger Interactive, type "Interactive" during a conversation.


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