December 21, 2006

MaxxIM is a multifunction tool which integrates the functionality of many communications products into a single, neat, tidy application. Now you do not have to worry what type of messenger clients your friends use, you can send files directly between your machines without intervention of 3rd party servers, video conference and much more from 1 piece of software.

Combine the freedom ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, IRC and AOL messengers into one client with video conferencing capabilities, an MP3 player and easy filesharing and make it clutter free and simple to use.


# A single super buddylist integrating MSN/IM, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and IRC!
# Integrated Video Conferencing
# Free-floating buddylist format!
# Integrated Streaming Media(video/audio) player
# Integrated MP3/MPG/AVI player

MaxxIM Screenshot:


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