December 15, 2006

MessengerRank is a add-on for MSN Messenger and is related to It is a ranking system for MSN Messenger that counts the number of keys a user types when instant messaging a friend. The user can send the data manually or it will be sent automatically every 60 mins (this can be changed in the settings). Once an update has been done it will update that users profile on

The Homepage of shows the top 25 of "Todays" results, also it shows the top 5 of the "Weekly", "Monthly" and "World Records". The user has a profile that they can add a 96x96 .jpg image and this profile can then be viewed by anyone who click on their name. Their profile also shows the deatails of their Rank position and their Last 7 days activity.

The application ONLY records the key COUNT and does not record what the user types! It only adds 1 to the key count total everytime a key is pressed, nothing more, nothing less...

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