December 29, 2006

MSN Messenger on Wii

December 29, 2006

"After messing around with the Wii Browser for a bit, I tried to test it out a bit further and see if you could use MSN Messenger with it. Obviously you can't use the actual program, but there are some web-based clients which allow you to access Messenger from your browser.


1. Bring up the Wii browser
2. Type Google into address field
3. Search for emessenger
4. Select emessenger mobile from Google
5. Select MSN Mobile (or AIM/Yahoo)
6. Enter your sign-in details
7. Thats it!

One point to note - you may have to refresh conversations to see the replies as it doesn't automatically do it (use the emessenger refresh button - not the Wii browser one)."

Click here to read full post and watch a video of MSN Messenger working on the Wii.

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