December 14, 2006

Skype Mobile

December 14, 2006

You don’t have to be in front of a computer to make Skype calls. Skype for Windows Mobile gives you the freedom to make free calls anywhere. All you need is a Pocket PC or a Smart Phone and fast access to wireless internet. Here’s just a few ways that it can make your life easier.

Whilst abroad
Avoid expensive mobile phone bills while roaming. Check your hotel offers free or low cost WiFi and stay in touch with work, friends and family by connecting to Skype in your hotel or any public wireless hotspot. Most airports also offer WiFi, so stay connected to your Skype contacts on the go. With SkypeIn, people back home can call you on your Windows Mobile phone and pay just a local rate too.

Living in or visiting the USA?
Choose an unlimited data plan and make free local and national calls anywhere you go. Why pay to receive calls on your mobile? Get a US SkypeIn number and never use your included minutes to receive calls.

On a train
More and more trains now offer WiFi, so connect to your train’s wireless network and make free Skype calls whether you’re in a tunnel or not.

In your home
Bad reception on your mobile at home? Take advantage of your home broadband connection (make it WiFi) and use Skype for free. Get a SkypeIn number and people who aren’t on Skype can call you from a regular landline number.


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