December 15, 2006

With Steal Contact script you can steal the DP, Nickname or PSM of your contact.
You can also save your contacts DP in a specified folder.

You can use it by going into the menu of MsgPlus!, or by typing the following commands:
/stealnick - Take over your contacts nickname
/stealpsm - Take over your contacts personal message
/stealdp - Steal your contacts Display Picture
/stealall - Steal your contacts DP, Nickname, and PSM
/savedp - Save your contacts DP in the specified folder
There's also a reset function, this can only be accessed from the menu, not by a command. You can only use this command, when you used "Steal All".

In the MsgPlus! Menu, you can also choose options, where you can define the DP save folder. You can also choose to enable or disable popup notifies when a change is made.

You need to install Messenger Plus! Live first to make this script works.

Steal Contact Script Screenshot:


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