December 20, 2006

VOX for Skype frees you from your PC, harnessing the power and capabilities of Skype on your mobile. Over 125 million people across the world use Skype from their PC, but whenever they are not in front of their computer, they lose the benefits of Skype and can't make calls to their Skype contacts. VOX for Skype enables you to use Skype from your mobile phone, without having to download anything on your device allowing you to be connected with your Skype contacts and all other contacts wherever you go.

Slash your mobile bill!
Unlimited free calls when calling your Skype contacts.
Incredible savings compared to your mobilelong distance rates when calling anyone else.
Free mobile minutes for users with unlimited incoming call plans and SMS access.

It’s easy and it’s free!
No need to download anything on your handset.
It’s free - For a limited time.
No need to remember phone numbers.
Skype becomes your communication hub - Your communication home.

Free yourself from your PC!
Never miss a call or a voicemail with SMS notification.
Your Skype contact list follows you wherever you go.
Works from any device on any network, anywhere!

VOX for Skype Screenshot:


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