December 09, 2006

Andy from has recently had his WackyB Spoken Status / Status Alert Yahoo! Messenger Plugin approved and it's now available for download from the Yahoo! Gallery.

WackyB Spoken Status / Status Alert gives you total control over the status alerts of your friends list. You can configure individual sounds not only for each friend but also for each action (Online/Offline/Status Change/New message) so even if you are not at your computer you will still be able to hear exactly who has come online, sent you a message, logged off or changed their status. You can hoose from a library of supplied sounds or select your own (Any sound type WAV/MP3/AVI/MPG/etc) or have have the status changes of your friends read aloud to you by Peedy (MS Agent Character). Peedy will let you know when your friends come online and leave as well as message status changes. Last friends status change is shown in the main window along with their chosen image/avatar and there is an inbuilt log for you to scroll back through so you can quickly see who came online, left or changed their status while you were away.

You can download it from the Yahoo! Gallery at or check out WackyB Spoken Status / Status Alert Yahoo Messenger Plugin information page or WackyB Spoken Status / Status Alert Yahoo Messenger Plugin setup page for more information and help.

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