January 11, 2007

Berggi centralizes and simplifies email, instant message and text message communication on your current cell phone.

It brings together multiple instant message conversations with your buddies on different IM platforms using one buddy list and a central dialogue box.

Berggi supports five instant message (IM) platforms - Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Gtalk, and ICQ

Use the same user menu, inbox and address book to email or text message.

Berggi is the only true unlimited mobile phone IM program that is far cheaper than any carrier messaging plan and has no excess use or surprise charges.


# Mobile email, instant and text messaging with Berggi
Email from multiple accounts, all in one place.
Instant message with buddies on Yahoo!, AIM, MSN, Gtalk and more.
Text message with your contacts on Berggi.
BlackBerry* device not required.
# No new phone or account required
Use your current phone.
Keep your current mobile phone contract.
The monthly charge will show up on your mobile phone bill.
# Easy and safe
Centralized inbox and address book for all your email and messaging.
Your data is protected and retrievable if you lose your phone.

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