January 31, 2007

Brosix - Instant Messaging Client for Enterprises and IndividualsBrosix is an instant messaging product designed to provide a real-time collaboration for your enterprise, work-group or clients support.

* Instant Messaging - send an instant message to anyone from your buddy list. Brosix provides as well support for offline-messages and chat conference.

* Voice Chat - make a call. Talking is easier to explain what you mean, need, require. And here is for free - no phone bills, no taxes.

* Video Chat - see who you are talking to and the expression of his/her face.

* File Transfer - send a file or group of files. You can drag-and-drop the selected files or browse for them.

* Co-Browse - share a browser. The easiest way to show what you are looking at. No need to explain what URL to type and which link to click. Just open the Co-Browse and your friend (colleague) will follow your browsing automatically.

* Whiteboard - draw your ideas. You can use variety of tools, select different colors, even add text captions.

* Networks - create and manage your own private network hosted on our servers. Your network is a controlled space and only people you authorize can join it.

* Screen Sharing - show your computer desktop. It is easier to show what you do than explaining. With this feature you can show your desktop or watch the desktop of the user as well as remote control his/her computer.

* Voice Mail - leave a voice mail message to anyone from your contact list. This way you can easier and faster explain what you wanted to say while he/she has been unavailable.

* Voice Conference - Combine other Brosix features (like Whiteboard, Co-Browse, Screen Sharing) with Voice Conference to achieve reliable and efficient online meeting.

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