January 12, 2007

BuddySpace is an instant messenger with four novel twists:

(1) it allows optional maps for geographical & office-plan visualizations in addition to standard 'buddy lists'.
(2) it is built on open source Jabber, which makes it interoperable with ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and others.
(3) it is implemented in Java, so it is cross-platform.
(4) it is built by a UK research lab, so it is 100% free with full sources readiily available. But BuddySpace is about more than just 'messaging', as we explain below.

BuddySpace supports following features:

* roster/group management
* file transfer (using a web server)
* chat and groupchat (with special extensions like voting and countdown)
* sharing of plans and maps using publish/subscribe
* maps - graphical display of buddies' presence on an arbitrary map

BuddySpace Screenshots:

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