January 07, 2007

BuddyVision gives millions of AIM users four different ways to send live pictures and video to friends, family and colleagues. It is easy, you just need AIM running and someone to talk to on the Internet.

Features Overview:

* Visual Instant Messaging (VIM) - Easily send snapshots from your webcam in an IM text chat.

* VideoChat - Chat with real-time moving video!

* V-Mail - Send an email with your picture to any valid email address.

* BV Buddy Icon - Personalize this AIM feature with a snapshot from your webcam.

Detailed Features:

VIM Visual Instant Messaging

With each message you type, you can instantly send a live snapshot! Send the pictures to any AIM user even if they don't have BuddyVision™ or a webcam.

* Adds a snapshot to IM text
* Easily insert pictures with hotkeys, drag and drop or interface buttons
* Uses AIM direct connection


See streaming video of your buddy while you chat! Use AIM text and audio with BuddyVision™ Video Chat and you have VideoConferencing!

* Works great with AIM talk feature
* Moving 160 x 120 video
* Clear Picture with any Internet Connection (modem or broadband)
* Invite your Buddy though BV or through the AIM play game feature.
* Uses Peer-to-Peer connection


BuddyVision™'s BuddyView™ videochatting services let you see your AIM buddy in real-time motion and color. Most importantly, it gives you a clear crisp view of your friend or family member with just the click of the VideoChat button.

* 160x120 color video
* Clear and Crisp Images
* Up to 15-20 Frames per Second
* Can be moved to any area of desktop


Send a video snapshot and text to anyone with an email address. Friends and family will receive your image in their inboxes along with your message.

* Works with all email addresses
* Sends 160 x 120 snapshot
* Fun and Easy-to-Use


Personalize AIM with more than a cartoon, use a live picture from your web camera.

* Personalized Snapshot
* All your buddies see you in the IM window
* Set the icon in BV preferences section.

BuddyVision Screenshots:

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