January 11, 2007

Centova Online is a web-based instant messenger. It runs entirely from your browser, which means that you don't need to download any software or plug-ins to use it. You can use it from virtually any computer that can browse the web.

Centova Online does not require any extra software on your computer. This makes it ideal for use when away from home -- such as at univerisities, Internet cafes, public libraries, or even at your workplace. If you can browse the web from your computer, you can use Centova Online.

Centova Online uses the same 128-bit SSL encryption as is used for online banking, so your communications from any of these locations to our servers are secure.

Centova Online integrates with most other popular chat networks like MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and Jabber. If you have an account on another instant messenger, you can probably use it with Centova Online.

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