January 12, 2007

1.a. Click on START and RUN to open the RUN Window.

1.b. In the RUN window type in CONTROL FIREWALL.CPL and hit Enter to open the Windows Firewall settings window.

2. Click on the Exceptions tab to view the list of programs that have been added to Windows Firewall,

3. Remove all Windows Live Messenger or msnmsgr entries from the Windows Firewall Programs and Services list. Note: this is to ensure that the latest version that you are currently running is the one registered with Windows Firewall. To remove earlier versions, select each entry for Windows Live Messenger or msnmsgr and click the Delete button.

4. Add Messenger through Windows Firewall.
4.a. Click on Add Program below the Programs and Services list.

4.b. Select Windows Live Messenger on the Programs list of the Add a Program window, and then click on OK.
4.c If you cannot find Windows Live Messenger, click on Browse. Locate the Windows Live Messenger executable file by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\ and choosing msnmsgr.exe. Messenger will now appear in the Add a Program window. Click on OK to close the window.

4.d. After adding Windows Live Messenger to the Programs and Services list, it should look like this:

Click here to get more information on Windows Firewall.

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