January 24, 2007

Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically transforms your calls into QuickTime movies.

Call Recorder is great for lessons, interviews or just having fun.

The Call Recorder window allows you to start and stop the recording, as well as adjust recording options.

Ecamm Call recorder Features:

Manually start/stop/pause, or automatically record all calls.
Record and save your voicemail messages.
Control file size and quality.
State-of-the-art AAC file format saves space.
Convert your calls to MP3 format.
Uncompressed option for highest quality.

Simply Simple
Ecamm puts ease of use first. Use the Record and Stop buttons to control recording, or activate Call Recorder's automatic recording feature.

Create a Podcast Interview
Let your imagination run wild. Recorded calls sound even better than regular phone calls and are great for interviews and remote reporting. Calls are recorded with each side of the conversation isolated on a separate sound track for easy editing.

Easy Sharing
Call Recorder makes it easy convert your QuickTime movies into MP3 files. Simply drag a recorded QuickTime movie to the "Convert to MP3" icon and it will create an instant MP3 file out of your movie, which can then be emailed or posted to a website.

On The Record
You can configure Call Recorder to carefully record and save all internet phone correspondences, ensuring accountability and fulfilling corporate audit-trail needs.

Ecamm Call Recorder Screenshot:

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