January 06, 2007

gccc is a chat client for the gay.com chat based on Java. It runs as a separate application, independent from your Internet browser and the applet supplied by gay.com.

gccc has been developed with the end-user in mind and offers many functions that are either crippled or not available at all in the chat applet gay.com that wants you to use.

Here are some key features of "gccc":

· Uses your Gay.com Login to retrieve your bio & chat settings
· Browse & join chat rooms, save favourite chat rooms for easy access
· Private users without joining a chat room^1
· Access user created chat rooms
· Private conversation window shows bio line and photo
· Record transcripts of private conversations (chat logs)
· Friends list (independent of gay.com)
· gay.com's Buddy, Thinks I'm Hot and Hot lists
· Store comments and other details about users (saved locally)
· Blocking system using wildcards and regular expressions
· Periodically updates blocking list
· Spot other GCCC users (nicknames in bold)
· Clickable URLS in chat windows & bio lines
· Downloads profile and pictures when newly privated
· Configurable font styles and chat highlighting
· Prefix messages with timestamp
· Automatically checks for GCCC updates

GCCC Screenshots:

gccc_1 gccc_2

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