January 22, 2007

GoodAIM - add-on for AIM

January 22, 2007

GoodAIM is a free program designed for the AIM user that adds fun and exciting features to AOL Instant Messenger. GoodAIM has been discontinued, and no support is offered anymore.

* Screenname aliasing!
* Send IMs while away!
* Control idle time!
* Real time IM logging in full HTML!
* Hotkeys!
* Window translucency!
* And more!...

GoodAIM has also been tested and found to work with other Windows AIM clients, such as Trillian, and the Windows version of GAIM. Theoretically, GoodAIM should work with any Windows AIM client that supports a SOCKS4 proxy.

You can even use GoodAIM with any other AIM add-ons or enhancements that you may own. The only requirement is that you must still be able to route AIM through a SOCKS4 proxy.

GoodAIM Screenshot:

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