January 14, 2007

IE7pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer 7 which adds lots of features and extras that makes your IE easier, more usefull, more secure and more customizable.

IE7pro Features

* Set agent identification.
* Close/Open tab when double left click.
* Block ads.
* Switch proxy.
* Add IE7Pro shortcut to IE status bar
* Add Tab history manager
* Support session crash recovery
* Support block Flash
* Support refresh Tab
* Support save whole page to image
* Support merge custom ad filter file
* Support proxy setup exception list
* Support Drag & Drop images without link
* Support mouse gestures
* Fix Super Drag Drop refresh bug
* Change the configure storage path to user own directory, to make it work with vista
* Using SHIFT + Drag&Drop to save image file quickly.
* View page info(User can view all image/CSS/flash/video element of web page)
* Improve save whole page to picture

IE7pro Screenshot:

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