January 30, 2007

IM Link Tracker is an AIM buddy tracker and AIM profile link track tool that records screen names viewing your profile by tracking clicks on your links.

View screen names clicking your instant messenger profile links such as your online profiles, web journal, blog, photo album and any other links that you have in your AIM profile or away messages. Alternately you can also create a link that brings your buddies to a page that displays all the screen names that have clicked on the link. IM Link Tracker discretely logs screen names, which links were clicked, the date and time of clicks and IP addresses.

Here's how it works:
1: Create a free account.
2: Make a special link that can tracked.
3: Paste the special link in your AIM profile or away message.
4: When your buddies or others click on the link it is recorded and they are either a) taken to a web destination you have specified in the special link such as your web journal or online profile or b) taken to a page that lists all the screen names that have clicked on that link.
5: Sign in and view who has clicked on your links.

*IM Link Tracker works with most AOL Instant Messenger including AIM Triton, version 4.9 for Windows, 4.7 for Mac, GAIM and partially with Trillian.

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