January 17, 2007

ineen allow you communicate using Voice, Video and Instant Messaging.

ineen uses SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] and other open standards. ineen in interoperable with various SIP networks today including but not limited to:

Free World Dialup

Currently none of the more well known IM networks [AOL/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN Messenger or Skype] use SIP or they are are not choosing to be interoperable with other networks.

ineen Features:

Instant Messenger & Buddy List
Audio Conferencing [10 People]
Distributed Conferencing [Infinite]
Video Conferencing [4 People]
Call Recording [Audio and Video]
Speakerphone Mode
Call Transfer
Call Logs & Missed Call Indicator
Automatic Answer
Automatic Conference
Do Not Disturb
Open Standards Compliant

ineen Screenshots:

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