January 10, 2007

jaIMy, an acronym for Jabber, AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo, is a web-based Jabber client, connecting to a public Jabber server. Written in PHP, it was designed to work as a standard desktop instant messaging application, in both appearance and functionality. It doesn't need Java, ActiveX or any other plug-ins. There’s no download or installation process. It is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Since jaIMy supports several different instant messenger networks, you need a single master account to login to jaIMy and keep track of your existing public IM accounts. This master account also serves as your Jabber account on the public Jabber server. Jabber was chosen because it is a regularly maintained, easy-to-implement way to interface with the public IM networks. This provides basic text chat in a friendly, familiar interface to the public IM networks.

jaIMy Screenshots:

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