January 07, 2007

Memento LE is an easy to use utility that allows you to record and store all video received during a Yahoo! webcam session.

All recorded video can be played back using your favorite media player.

# Simple, easy to use user interface.
Memento LE displays a list of all current Yahoo! web cam sessions. To control recording, simply select the session from to list to start or stop recording..

# Continues recording, even when the session is not visible.
Unlike other web cam recording solutions, Memento LE does not require that the session being recorded be displayed. This means that you can minimize a web cam session that is being recorded or hide the window behind another window without loosing any video.

# Saves video in industry standard formats.
The video captured by Memento LE is stored in AVI file format and can use any video encoder installed on the system to compress the video thus saving diskspace. The captured video can be played back on any media player or edited using any media editor (such as VirtualDub ). This means you can use existing, state of the art, video compression technology (such as MPEG4) to record and playback your web cam sessions.

# Saves multiple concurrent sessions.
Memento LE can record multiple sessions at the same time. Recording of each session can be independently controlled and all recording can be terminted by simply closing Memento LE .

Memento LE Screenshots:

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