January 27, 2007

Full featured scripts (big scripts):

  • 1st Prize - Screenshot Sender (Allows you to quickly and easily send screenshots to your contacts.)
  • 2nd Prize - Music Now Playing (Allows you to send music information to you contacts, display lyrics, update your display picture with album art and update your media personal message)
  • 3rd Prize - UNeed Script (Allows you to steal all of your contacts display pictures, and places them in a file each sorted by email and many more fetaures...)

Simple yet useful scripts (small scripts):

  • 1st Prize - SendTo (This script integrates your contacts into the 'Send To' right click context menu to easily send files from anywhere in Windows.)
  • 2nd Prize - ReadThis (If you close a chat window which has just received a message, the script will show a toast with the contact's nick and his last message. If you click the toast, it opens a new conversation with the contact.)
  • 3rd Prize - WLM Preview Box (This script lets you preview 5 messages from contacts while you are busy with an always on top window.)

Most original scripts:

  • 1st Prize - Stickynotes (Stickynotes creates customizable windows on the desktop that can store notes.)
  • 2nd Prize - YouTube Launcher (Easily view YouTube video links sent by your contacts in a nice compact window. Saves you from loading the entire page with useles comments.)
  • 3rd Prize - Plus Mapper (lus Mapper let's you easily make maps powered by Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth, add markers to them and then easily send them to contacts.)

Please keep in mind that you have to install Messenger Plus! Live addon first in order to use these scripts.

All these scripts will be included in the next special release of Messenger Plus! Live.

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