January 23, 2007

Messenger:Mate for AIM

January 23, 2007

Messenger:Mate for AIM adds following features to your IM client:

Theme Colouring
take almost any existing theme available today and apply almost any colour to it to turn it in to a whole new theme in real time. When you get bored with it, just change the colour again !.
Buddy Aliases
give your buddies easy to recognise names via the use of aliases. Aliases are displayed in the buddy list, Instant Message and Chat Room windows, Notifications and the Messenger:Mate Log Manager. You can also correctly sort groups of buddies in your buddy list when aliases are used.
Buddy Icon Display
see buddy icons in the buddy list, buddy info, pop-up notification and buddy list infotip windows.
New Message Notifications
get notified of new instant messages via an infotip from the taskbar notification area when your IM windows aren't active.
Per-Buddy Colours
specify individual colours for each of your buddies that show in the buddy list, pop-up notifications and the buddy event viewer.
User Profiles
share Messenger with family/friends? If so, Messenger:Mate's user profiles allow you to each have your own personal settings which can optionally be protected with a password.
Remote Access
access your AIM client from another PC. You have the ability to change the away message of the remote client, retrieve files and check away messages.
Lock Messenger
prevent others from using a running instance of Messenger by locking it with a password. While Messenger is locked you will still be able to receive new Messages and alerts which will be displayed only when Messenger is unlocked.
Log Manager
view and manage all logs through a single interface. All logs are displayed with the time the conversation started on the date they occurred and you can view logs by session, day or user and also delete logs by each of those categories. A global search feature makes finding an old conversation a breeze.
Theme Compiler
make light work of creating themes for use with Messenger:Mate. Allows you to decide the complexity of themes and you can view all resources.
Gesture Compiler
make light work of creating gestures for use with Messenger:Mate. Gestures can be made in seconds and shared with your buddies immediately.
Custom Smileys
use thousands of new smileys available in AIM that all your buddies will see. You can also specify a default smiley set to use always.
Per Buddy Settings
log IM's, Buddy Events, Profiles, Play Gestures, set Buddy Event sounds and Override Fonts on a per buddy basis, this gives you an unprecedented amount of control over your buddies and how you manage them.
Definable Hot Keys
specify global hot keys for a number of AIM and Messenger:Mate functions. One such hot key for toggling your Away status allows you to sign on as Away, a feature exclusive to Messenger:Mate.
Don't flash windows on new messages
an option to suppress the flashing of an Instant Message window's taskbar button whenever a new message is received.
Snap contact list window to screen edges
an option to enable the contact list window to automatically snap to the edge of your screen when it's moved or resized within proximity of the screen edge.
Hide advertisement window in buddy list
an option to hide the advertisement pane at the top of the buddy list and also stretch the contents of the list to cover the area the pane occupied.
Message Broadcasting
send the the same message to multiple users at once, you can either broadcast to an entire group or selected users only.
Auto hide the buddy list
an option to allow the buddy list to auto hide just like the Windows Taskbar can. You can also adjust the speed at which it is shown/hidden.
Group IM windows
an option to have all Instant Message and Chat Room windows grouped together under one common window, clearing up Taskbar clutter when numerous windows are open. You can also attach/detach windows from the group. The user list can be placed on any side of the window to simulate the traditional 'tab' look or the newer user list look. Each buddy can also be assigned an icon for easy identification of IM's.
an option to apply a theme to the numerous windows like the Buddy List and Instant Message windows. Themes also provide a way to have AIM use resources you specify rather than the standard ones it loads from itself. Themes can also be downloaded and installed automatically.
Customise the Buddy List
if you're tired of the bright yellow then this feature is for you. There's the option to change the colour of Buddy List background, selected item background, item text, selected item text, idle/offline text and the colour of the large tooltips. You can also optionally hide the buddy list background image and enable the use of custom icons that appear next to your buddies on the buddy list.
Allow chatting while away
everyone's favourite feature; the option to chat with anyone you like and retain your away status giving you the perfect cover for not talking with certain people.
Override Buddy's font
Some of your Buddies probably use obnoxious font settings, this option allows you to override their settings with your own without having to offend them by informing them their font settings suck.
Exploit blocking
AIM wasn't designed with malicious users in mind, this is where this option comes in to its own and protects your AIM client from numerous known exploits which cause AIM to crash.
Warn about potentially dangerous links
Hyperlinks in AIM can be misleading (just like regular hyperlinks!) so they say one thing and redirect to another. With this option enabled you'll be notified when you click on a link that points to any one of 46 known file types that can potentially harm or compromise your PC if viewed and/or executed.
Log Buddy Profiles
If you're kooky and like to keep tabs on your Buddy's profile then this option will assist in enhancing your kookyness; log their profile when you view it and display their last logged profile in the info window when they're offline or if they clear their profile.
Specify Hyperlink colours
If the default colours of hyperlinks clash with your style then this option was added with you in mind.
Desktop Buddies
Place your important buddies on your desktop so they're always in view and available for quick interaction.
Advertise Music In Profile
Show everyone what music you're listening to via your AIM Profile. Works with Winamp and iTunes and Windows Media Player.
Log IM messages
an option to log all your IM conversations in real time.
Log files in IMs
an option to log all files (sounds, images, etc) transferred via DC in real time.
Log Chat Rooms
an option to log all Chat Room conversations in real time.
Log Buddy events
an option to log events like set away, return from away, set idle, return from idle, log sign on and sign off. Event logs are viewable in the log manager.
Hide advertisement window in IMs
an option to hide the new ad that appears in IM windows.
New IM windows take focus
an option to prevent new IM windows from stealing the focus.
Change the colour and font face of local and remote messages
an option to change the stock red and blue colours of local and remote messages in IM and Chat Room windows.
Clone AIM
run multiple instances of AIM.
Mute AIM
Silence AIM at the flick of a switch without changing any of your settings.
Set Idle time
a feature to set your status to idle and specify the amount of hours and minutes you wish to be idle for.
Don't show AIM Today window
a feature to suppress the AIM Today window on sign on.
Sign On Invisible
sneak on to AIM just like Secret Squirrel, shhhh.
Buddy Pounce
leave a message that's sent as soon as your buddy signs on to AIM, returns from away or idle, you decide !.
Hide Buddy List Taskbar Button
just like it says, a highly requested feature.
Buddies Event Viewer
keep tabs on your buddies by seeing a history of their statuses.
Categorise Away Messages
clean up your overflowing Away Message menu.
Window Transparency
make numerous windows transparent with each window having it's own level of transparency.
IM Shortcuts
set custom away messages, idle status and buddy pounce messages straight from your IM or Chat windows.
Hidden Settings
there are numerous settings available for advanced users that allow you to do such things as hide the Rate Meter in IM and Chat Room windows, reposition where AIM pop-up notifications appear and snap Group, IM and Chat Room windows to the side of your screen.

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