January 23, 2007

Messenger:Mate for Windows Live Messenger adds following features to your IM client:

Per Contact Settings

log IM's, Contact Events and your Contact's personal messages on a per contact basis, this gives you an unprecedented amount of control over your contacts and how you manage them.
Tab Manager
add/remove/reposition the tabs that appear in the Messenger Contact List. You can browse online for existing tabs, add any of Messenger's default tabs or create and then add your own custom tabs.
Custom Font Colours
select any one of 16 million colours for your Instant Message font, not just the handful Messenger limits you to.
User Profiles
share Messenger with family/friends? If so, Messenger:Mate's user profiles allow you to each have your own personal settings which can optionally be protected with a password.
Clone Messenger
start a new instance of Messenger so you can log in with a different email address.
Mute Messenger
Silence Messenger at the flick of a switch without changing any of your settings.
Lock Messenger
prevent others from using a running instance of Messenger by locking it with a password. While Messenger is locked you will still be able to receive new Messages and alerts which will be displayed only when Messenger is unlocked.
Log Manager
view and manage all HTML logs through a single interface. All logs are displayed with the time the conversation started on the date they occurred and you can view logs by session, day or user and also delete logs by each of those categories.
Theme Compiler
make light work of creating themes for use with Messenger:Mate. Allows you to decide the complexity of themes and you can view all resources.
Definable Hot Keys
specify global hot keys for a number of Messenger and Messenger:Mate functions.
Don't confirm when exiting Messenger
an option to suppress the message box Messenger displays when you close Messenger and have 1 or more Instant Message windows open. This option has the same effect as clicking 'Yes' on the message box and allows Messenger to shutdown without interruption.
Don't close IM windows when you Appear Offline
an option to suppress the message box Messenger displays when you change your status to Appear Offline and have 1 or more Instant Message windows open. This option prevents Messenger from closing all Instant Message windows and still sets your status to Appear Offline.
Don't flash windows on new messages
an option to suppress the flashing of an Instant Message window's taskbar button whenever a new message is received.
Snap contact list window to screen edges
an option to enable the contact list window to automatically snap to the edge of your screen when it's moved or resized within proximity of the screen edge.
Hide advertisement window in contact list
an option to hide the advertisement pane at the bottom of the contact list and also stretch the contents of the list to cover the area the pane occupied.
Hide advertisement in IM windows
an option to hide the advertisement text at the bottom of Instant Message windows.
Disable animation when closing the contact list
an option to suppress the animation Messenger usually displays when the contact list window is closed.
Dock the contact list on the left/right side of the screen
an option to allow the contact list to be docked to one of the screen edges just like the Windows Taskbar. Docking will ensure the contact list is always on screen and that no other application window covers it up. You can select which side (left or right) of the screen to dock the contact list on.
Auto hide the docked contact list
an option to allow the contact list to auto hide just like the Windows Taskbar can. You can also adjust the speed at which it is shown/hidden.
Log chats in HTML
an option to enable all conversations to be logged in HTML; all emoticons and thumbnail images displayed in the chat window will be saved.
Format time stamp in conversations
an option to format the date and time stamp at the start of each message in an Instant Message window.
Group IM windows
an option to have all Instant Message windows grouped together under one common window, clearing up Taskbar clutter when numerous windows are open. You can also attach/detach windows from the group. The user list can be placed on any side of the window to simulate the traditional 'tab' look or the newer user list look.
an option to apply a theme to the Messenger Contact List and Instant Message windows. Themes also provide a way to have Messenger use resources you specify rather than the standard ones it loads from itself.
Display an alert when...
an option to enable Messenger:Mate's own alert notifications for the following events : a contact initiates a session with you, a contact ends a session with you, a contact goes offline, you're added to someone's contact list, you're removed from someone's contact list.
Away Messages
add personalised messages to send to your contacts when you're away.
Instant Message Shortcuts
use IRC style shortcuts such as /status to quickly change your status directly from an Instant Message window.
Log Contact's Personal Messages
If you're kooky and like to keep tabs on your Contact's Personal Messages then this option will assist in enhancing your kookyness; log their Personal Messages and also whatever Music they're currently playing.
Contacts Event Viewer
See the last 15 events your Contacts conducted including status changes and changes to their personal messages.
Desktop Contacts
Place your important contacts on your desktop so they're always in view and available for quick interaction.

Messenger:Mate for Windows Live Messenger Screenshots:

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