January 12, 2007

Sabifoo allows you instantly create your own Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed and post things to the Web just by sending a message with your present instant messaging account. Publishing your greetings to the world is as simple as saying "Hello!"

Sabifoo doesn't require you to sign up for anything or remember another username and password. It works with your current IM account and software and is compatible with AOL Instant Messenger, Jabber, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Talk.

What can it do for you?

Add your RSS feed as a sidebar to your present blog. Result: an instant and easily updated list of cool websites or random thoughts available to your readers!

Use any of a variety of pre-existing Javascript RSS readers to import your messages into your current website. Just use your RSS feed as a source and your postings will show up on your page. Result: a quick blog or an instant list of news or links for your visitors to read - no programming required!

If you already have a blog with a system that supports RSS integration for posting, you can use your Sabifoo RSS feed as a data source. Result: blog via IM!

Keep a to-do or reminder list that's always visible to you on the web or using your RSS aggregator. Result: manage your daily life or keep the family up to date!

Take notes in class or during a meeting just by sending short IM messages to Sabifoo. Result: an online log you can refer to later or easily share with your friends or coworkers!

If you can send IMs from your mobile phone, then you can use Sabifoo on the road. Result: an instant travelogue without needing to bring along a laptop!

Tap into the development API and build your own gateway from Sabifoo to any web service you desire. Result: your own IM bot capable of anything!

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