January 07, 2007

SeeStorm Messenger allows you make your favorite photos alive and talk. You can bring any photo to life and make it talk absolutely for free.

You can communicate with your friends and find new acquaintances using this animated image. With SeeStorm Messenger you are also able to sent e-mails with living photos.

General features:

* Voice/Video conversation (without web camera)
* Wide range of avatars to use at any time
* Text chat
* User Profiles, Serch for people
* Buddy List, Contact renaming
* Workaround firewall/proxies


* Full-duplex conversation, 1 Kb per second for two-side communication
* Unlimited voice length
* Acoustic echo canceller
* Automatic phoneme recognition

3d talking heads:

* Realistic human faces and non-human models
* Facial animation - blinking, head movements, smiles, emotions actions (normal, angry, sad, fun)
* Body animation - breathing, fidgeting.
* Creating personalized avatars from photos.

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