January 19, 2007

SmarterChild is an interactive agent built by Colloquis, Inc. Interactive agents are software applications, often called "bots," that interact with users on Instant Messaging or other text messaging services. You can "chat" with an interactive agent, whether on the web or over IM, the same way you talk to any other contact. To talk with SmarterChild, just send him a message saying "hi!"

# If you use AIM or AOL just add the screen name "SmarterChild" to your buddy list™.
# If you use MSN Messenger, just add smarterchild@hotmail.com to your Contact List.
# If you use ICQ, just add 35000 to your Contact List.

Then chat with SmarterChild just as you would any other contact on your list. SmarterChild will instruct you with messages how to proceed.

SmarterChild Features:

* News and Info
SmarterChild gets you up-to-the-minute info fast

* Fun and Games
SmarterChild's games are better than ever!

* Tools
SmarterChild can help with your studies, research and other tasks.

* Personal Stuff
SmarterChild now helps you plan events and connect with friends!

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