January 10, 2007

S.N.I.M.M.R. stands for Single Network Instant Messaging Mediation and Relay. It is a instant messaging service helps you to chat with any person on any network using any instant messenger.

SNIMMER helps you use your instant messenger to chat on all IM networks. For example, you can use your MSN Messenger to chat with friends on AOL, Yahoo! and GTalk and vice versa. You can use your web browser (Web IM) or your computer IM. Chat with your friends privately or in a group. Your IM password is not required.

SNIMMER Web IM Space is a private Web IM space for you and your friends. You and your friends can chat using any instant messenger. If you do not have an instant messenger you can use your web browser (Web IM) to chat. You can chat in a group with everyone at once or chat individually.

SNIMMER Web IM Chat is IM for webmasters. Your website visitors can reach you quickly, easily and privately. Your IM screenname and online presence are protected and not disclosed. You can use your regular instant messenger. No need to remain logged in with your web browser all day in order to chat.

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