January 24, 2007

Snooggie is a community chatting application, which runs on an Internet browser such as IE or Firefox. The application uses pop-up windows of the browser to give it a feeling of an instant messaging application. Snooggie is anonymous and does not save the chat's content anyware.

On his email, webmaster of Snooggie writes:

"I got the idea for snooggie after my former work place asked me to add all the workeres of my department to my MSN messenger. I was realy pist off as i didnt want these people in my contact list. So I decided to create an instant messaging system which is not based on personal contact list like the other IM but one which is open for a community, you register (create a community), get a URL for that community and then you can deliver instant messages with whom ever is online."


Snooggie is a web based instant messaging with a focus on virtual communities. The user experience is like using instant messaging applications, but it differs from them in the following aspects:

* Snooggie runs in browser windows using only
HTML, java script and AJAX on the client side so there is no installation/downloads needed (no activeX, java applets or flash).
* None of the content/messages are logged anyware on the system so once the conversation has ended there is no record of it.
* The registration is anonymous for the community
owner and there is no need to supply any personal info such as email address. for chatters which are not community owners no registration is needed at all its totally anonymous
* the focus here is on community communication in
contrast to instant masseging applications, which is a personal
contact list application. in Snooggie anyone who
enters the community via URL or via the site is
automatically added to the currently online chatters

Snooggie differs from chat applications (rooms) is in the following aspects:

* No registration is needed for the users. The
community owner registration is very simple with no
validations or email checks.
* Snooggie is not embedded in any site and uses popups just like instant messaging application, This allows you to use snooggie in a blog or in a site by just placing the URL of the community.
* Snooggie is a private 1 to 1 communication between the people of that community.
* In Snooggie windows will pop on incoming messages
so you can have it minimized (also an option to have a sound alert on incoming messages.)
* The user experience allows you to use this
community instant message in various ways for example you may want to chat with people who supply "talkbacks" so you may create a community for that page and chat with anyone regarding the content of the page with out having to leave the page.
* Chats are restricted to predefined chat rooms while
Snooggie lets the users experience totally private
* In the near future Snooggie will allow you to
customize its appearance giving the user a full Web-2 capabilities
* Snooggie does not limit the number of communities a
user can open

Snooggie Screenshot::

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